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Welcome to our support site, we hope the you enjoy your stay.

The tools here will help you in setting up your system, installing drivers and fixing common issues.

We hope you find the information provided here helpful, direct support is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday’s by email and telephone, please check the contact us section you require any further assistance.

These guys are amazing – so polite, so helpful, quick to deal with anything and you just cant fault their pricing. Thoroughly recommend them to anyone.
I recently bought a new computer system from “the_pc_customiser” by using their ebay service, I was looking at a similar system on ebay when I realized they didn’t post to my location, the Channel Islands, and the original system I was looking was a duo core 8Gb ram, 1TB HD, 3.6gHz.. and was priced at £230, I found the_pc_customiser in the similar searches bar, and I’m glad I did, the system they were offering had 2x the specs, offering an already overclocked system with better graphics card, better everything, and to top it off, I had a slight software issue, this fault was of my own.. and I asked the_pc_customiser for advice and they replied within the hour with very sound advice.

I was told by ebay that delivery usually takes about a week, I ordered the system on the 29th of April, and I received the system on the 4th of May even though I live in the channel islands, and the first of may was a bank holiday.

The delivery was fast, the customer service was excellent and the computer I received exceeded my expectations for the price range.

If I ever have any more computer needs, the_pc_customiser will be my first stop.
Happy Customer 🙂